Pack of 24 Odour Control Pads

Rid your bin of unwanted odours with our odour control pads. Effective and versatile, these odour control pads can be used in all areas of your home and office. Place them in kitchen cupboards that have bins, toilets, bathrooms and laundries for a clean, fresh smell.

How do I apply them? Pads are applied horizontally, paper side down always above the source of the odours e.g. in the lid of a garbage bin. They may be placed onto the hard, non painted surface using the adhesive tape or placed in a plastic frame which may be fixed to the wall or ceiling. We can supply plastic frames for this purpose.
How long do they last? Generally 1-3 weeks. This depends on the size of, the smell in and the airflow through the area which the pad is placed. The smaller the area, the lesser smell and airflow, the longer the “life” of the pad; and vice versa.