We provide professional high pressure bin cleaning & sanitising, high pressure cleaning of bin storage areas, compounds, walkways, and driveways.


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Bin Butlers Shop

One-off Bin Cleaning Service

From $50.00

Please read the following instructions to assist in filling out the bin cleaning service order form.

Please Note: This is for a one-off bin cleaning visit.

  • Type your suburb
  • Select the number of bins you need cleaned
  • Select the day your bins are emptied (this will allow us to schedule your bin clean for the following day)
  • Select the date your bins are emptied

If you make an error, clear your selection and start again.

Please ensure:

  • You have selected the correct day and date your bins are emptied
  • The bins left out for cleaning are empty and waste-free
  • Bins are visible and easily accessible for our bin cleaning team
    *Preferably on front nature strip
    *Having your house number on your bins ensures correct bins are cleaned

Please Note:

The Bin Butlers do not accept responsibility if these conditions are not met and your bins are unable to be cleaned. Under these circumstances, refunds will not apply.

If it is not possible for The Bin Butlers to attend within two days of your booking date a representative will contact you.

We service most suburbs within 30km of the CBD. Conditions Apply. If you are outside this area contact us to find out when our service will be available in your area.

One bin $50 – $15 for each additional bin if purchased with the same order.

Suburb is required